The Family is First Project

Ministry Target Population: Offenders, returning citizens, and their Families

Program Objectives:

  • Understanding what happens to family relationships while in prison.
  • Uncovering the real issues of a prison relationship.
  • Reduce prison violence through anger management, cognitive behavior therapy, and conflict resolution.Knowing the true role your family members take and your role as an incarcerated person.
  • Help families and inmates understand change; realizing that the transition to prison can be a stepping stone for them to move into a healthier lifestyle.
  • Being provoked to change using a practical approach to the word of God.
  • Having an opportunity to see positive change and celebrate.
  • To challenge the family in transition to examine themselves and break cyclical patterns in care-giving relationships.
  • Use creative problem solving skills, team building, and preventive methods, to develop practical and unique solutions for the setbacks that arise during incarceration and transition.
  • See couples and family members freed from bondages, frustrations, enslavements and destructive patterns that have kept them bound in their transition from prison to home.
  • Help families process the many setbacks and obstacles that occur before, during and after the prison experience.
  • Using coaching, training and motivational tools to develop better communication skills that will increase rehabilitation, self-awareness and healthy management of feelings, thoughts, and emotions during their incarceration and transition back into society
  • Help strengthen and develop healthy relationships in family and community, thereby main-streaming them back into society while  reducing recidivism.           


        This is a six to nine month curriculum that is empowering and a life changer!