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The Family is First Project will assist the Department of Corrections by hosting by-weekly transformational relationship sessions with inmates and their families. More »

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The Family First Project will host by-weekly transformational relational sessions with inmates and their family members which will increase rehabilitation, communication, and relational skills. More »

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The Family is First Project (TFFP) was founded in 2005 By Frank and Stacie Johnson in response to a growing need for family support services and fueled by the passion to see lives changed within prison walls, while keeping families together. More »

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Real Talk Blog! What’s next, after my loved one goes to prison?



Hey there,

I have spoken to many family members over the years, and one of the main concerns I always hear is, what do I do next after they go to jail? After the sentence has been passed down and you take that long road home realizing that your life has forever changed, what’s next? What is my life going to be like? Where do I go from here? First, I would like to say that each situation is different and I must be honest, you will go through a lot of emotional ups and downs within the first year of your journey. You will experience feelings of hurt, anger, discouragement, doubt and fear. But I want you to know that you are not alone! There is a whole tribe of people out there just like you that are here to help you through these tough times. We are a community of survivors who have endured incarceration and are here to help you through the process.

2 Responses to Real Talk Blog! What’s next, after my loved one goes to prison?

  1. master says:

    Hello TFFP Families, I just wanted to give you all a quick update. Today we had our first family meeting at the prison (Warren) and it was awesome. We had 31 family members show up plus the 17 inmates, which made our class a total of 48 participants! God is good, I just want to thank all the families who traveled today to come and be a blessing to us. It is the dedication, hard work, love and support of the families and inmates that made our program the success that it is today. So from the bottom of our hearts we thank you.
    For those who were not able to make it, todays topic was communication and why communication is a necessary skill that must be taught, especially when you have a prison relationship.
    We discussed communication being the key to establishing trust and commitment. In order to have healthy communication, there must be an understanding of the four elements of effective communication which is meaning- this has to do with thinking about what you are going to say. Trust- being trusted is the best way to guarantee an effective climate of communication. Decision- when you have transmitted your thoughts to the point the listener has a clear understanding. And Feedback- this allows room for growth.
    We talked about being honest and yes, these families got down right honest about prison pressure and guess what? Healing was all in the room and relationships were mended and restored.
    We talked about respect, fear, and expectations that can be too high or too low that can cause disappointment.
    Everybody participated in an assignment which allowed them to have face to face contact to have some real talk.
    Overall,0 we had a great class, and I just want to thank everyone for their participation and sacrifice, I look forward to the next meeting an God bless.

  2. master says:

    Good morning TFFP Family, I wanted to give you an update on what’s been happening with the prison ministry. On Sunday December 11th we went to DCI to have evening service and Oh my goodness! When I say the Holy Ghost showed up, He showed up, those women are on FIRE for the Lord, they praised dance, mimed and Apostle Chantell Robinson brought forth a might word! I want to give a shout out to Apostle Chantell and her husband Pastor Chris, these two are so faithful to the work of the Lord and they really want to see souls changed, healed, and delivered. Thanks you so much Apostle Chantell for allowing God to use you to bring forth a mighty word. And not to mention, the altar call was off the chain, we work the altar with great team work and excellence. Women were being slain in the spirit, healed and set free.
    Today I went to Lebanon to preach the word, The Lord said its time to rebuild the old waste places. God moved in a might way and a soul got saved today. Wan to give a special thanks to Pastor’s Carl and Cheryl Burden, you all are awesome, such a faithful couple, they also have a desire to win souls. God has really blessed me with some awesome team players! Adonai prison Ministries is on the move, God is taking the prisons by force and freeing the minds of our men and women!
    2017 is the year of momentum! This is the year we regroup and go forth, be blessed everyone and I Love you all to life!

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