Frank Johnson

frank pic

Apostle Frank alongside his wife, Apostle Stacie, are the founders of Adonai Ministries of Cincinnati. A prison ministry that provides not only preaching, teaching and evangelizing of the Word of God, but also establishes relationships in the community and around the country with organizations of the same vision to connect prison inmates/returning citizens with their families and providing the support necessary to function in today’s society. The focus of the ministry is to reclaim, restore and revitalize the lives of those who are in bonds.

In 2009, Adonai Ministries birthed The Family Is First Project; a program that host groups sessions with the inmates inside the prison and their family members on the outside. At the start of 2012, Apostle Johnson was commissioned by God to create and facilitate a men’s healing ministry called Refreshed By Fire: Men Walking In Truth. This powerful men’s ministry focuses solely on the heart of men and the pains, hurts, and abuses that lie deep within. It encourages truth, honesty and transparency as an aid to the healing process. The men of Refreshed By Fire have built a trust with one another that has allowed them to Let Go, Let God and Be Real. As a result, powerful healings and deliverances have taken place.

Apostle Franks desire is to see the people of God healed and set free. He uses his own testimony and transparency of his life on the streets and in prison to aid in the breaking of the bonds of shame and secrecy that many cover and hide. It has been through his willingness to be open that has led others to become transparent about their hurt and pain.  Apostle Frank is a strong yet humble Man of Valor who allows the Holy Spirit to have his way so that others can be delivered and set free.