While You Wait Book Release


Finally the book that the families of the incarcerated have been waiting for! While You Wait is here, this is a book that has been written by Stacie L  Johnson, who has experienced the emotional, financial, and spiritual challenges of loving, supporting and waiting for her husband that was incarcerated for 10 years. This book will inspire, challenge, and help you grow whatever your situation may be. This book is a game changer! Get your copy today.

Check out this great deal, you can get the book and prayer workbook for just $25.00 and if you order now you will get a free bookmark and family first ink pen while you wait.

To purchase the book, please click HERE.



Forward written by:

Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks (A.K.A Dr. Kim) Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Strategist

Apostle Stacie Johnson’s While You Wait is a brutally honest portrayal of the life challenges you endure when you are in love with a man in the prison system. It will capture your heart and draw you in by looking at the “guilt trip of money” that happens while you wait to unraveling the truth behind the shame that the female feels as if she was the actual prisoner herself. This book is for “real women” that are seeking immediate healing, comfort and answers on how to “wait” and become a stronger and more prosperous person after the process, than what she ever was before!!!   


Check out the pictures from the WHILE YOU WAIT book signing event that was held April 22, 2017. We had an awesome time!

  I want to thank my wonderful husband Frank, my friends and the while you wait tribe for helping me make this vision possible.