Our Mission

The Family is First Project will assist the Department of Corrections by hosting by-weekly transformational relationship sessions with inmates and their families. More »

We Offer Solutions

The Family First Project will host by-weekly transformational relational sessions with inmates and their family members which will increase rehabilitation, communication, and relational skills. More »

Help Us Help Others

Help us strengthen family relationships and reach more prisons. Each time you give, you will be helping support the great work of restoring families and changing lives. More »

Real People - Real Solutions

The Family is First Project (TFFP) was founded in 2005 By Frank and Stacie Johnson in response to a growing need for family support services and fueled by the passion to see lives changed within prison walls, while keeping families together. More »

More Than Support

In addition to being a support system for the aforementioned population, this organizations seeks to encourage healthy community interactions and build collaborative relationships with organizations of like vision. More »


The Family is First Project


    Ministry Target Population: Offenders, returning citizens, and their Families



Program Objectives:


  • Understanding what happens to family relationships while in prison.
  • Uncovering the real issues of a prison relationship.
  • Reduce prison violence through anger management, cognitive behavior therapy, and conflict resolution.Knowing the true role your family members take and your role as an incarcerated person.
  • Help families and inmates understand change; realizing that the transition to prison can be a stepping stone for them to move into a healthier lifestyle.
  • Being provoked to change using a practical approach to the word of God.
  • Having an opportunity to see positive change and celebrate.
  • To challenge the family in transition to examine themselves and break cyclical patterns in care-giving relationships.
  • Use creative problem solving skills, team building, and preventive methods, to develop practical and unique solutions for the setbacks that arise during incarceration and transition.
  • See couples and family members freed from bondages, frustrations, enslavements and destructive patterns that have kept them bound in their transition from prison to home.
  • Help families process the many setbacks and obstacles that occur before, during and after the prison experience.
  • Using coaching, training and motivational tools to develop better communication skills that will increase rehabilitation, self-awareness and healthy management of feelings, thoughts, and emotions during their incarceration and transition back into society
  • Help strengthen and develop healthy relationships in family and community, thereby main-streaming them back into society while  reducing recidivism.           


        This is a six to nine month curriculum that is empowering and a life changer!